Maya Ravensong is an Artist working in many different mediums. From dance, to writing, to paintings on canvas, silk and on the body, Maya creates healing art for herself and others.

Maya's art is a mix of strange, beautiful, sometimes humorous or wyrd forms- all of which can bring healing. She paints mostly with her fingers, though she does use other tools as well. She sometimes uses a magnifying glass to get into such small detail that, to some, it would seem pointless- but her, is completely the point. Maya has published one book “BodyArt Therapy” and is currently working on a tome where she explains how to become one with the divine and heal through dance.

Maya attends different events throughout the year. You can find a list of those events here


Silk- feels like a butterfly kiss to the skin. Shimmery, flowing colors. Beautiful to behold and wear.

Red Veil Red Veil 2 Blue Veil

The above are examples of the silk veils available. Each one is hand painted with dyes using several techniques- including Japanese Shibori. Dyes do not leave a 'feel' on the silk (unlike paints) so the softness and movement of the silk is not changed.


All veils are made of Silk Habotai in 2 weights (momme).

Habotai silks are produced from the mulberry silk worm. They are also called “China Silk”. It is a smooth weave with a luster type of finish on both sides.

Momme is a weight for silk. It describes the weight of 100 yards of silk, 45 inches wide, in pounds. So, if a fabric is listed with a momme weight of 8mm, it means that 100 yards of the fabric weighs 8 pounds. The higher the weight in mommes, the more opaque it becomes and the heavier the silk is- which changes the movement.

I work in two momme weights for my veils, 5mm and 8mm. From time to time veils are available that are made from different types of silk, sizes or weights. These will be noted in the description.

Momme Weight, Size in inches wide by inches long

5mm - 35x108 - $35.00

This thinner width veil is perfect for fast work, petite people and newcomers!

5mm - 45x108 - $45.00

Traditionally sized viel- floats on the air for a long time

5mm - 45x104 Semi Circle - $45.00

Half Circle veil flutters beautifully! Use two for added dimension!

5mm - 55x108 - $55.00

This extra wide wide is wonderful for full body coverage, layering, and partner work

The following, heavier weighted, silk veils are butter soft and hold their shape better during spinning and fast work.

8mm - 35x108 - $45.00

8mm - 45x108 - $55.00

8mm - 45x104 Semi Circle - $55.00

8mm - 55x108 - $65.00

Each veil is one of a kind. You will receive the exact veil shown in the photo.

All veils are sold! Check back for updated inventory after April 1st 2015, Custom work is always available.


Greenmn in silk

Greenman, hand sewn on hoop hand painted with dyes- makes a beautiful sun catcher!

$40.00 SOLD

Custom order

Follow the link below to find out more information on custom orders.

Custom Orders

Get a quote on a custom order. If you want a special size, colors or type of silk, include that request in the custom order email. Custom orders are taken year round, so if you need a beautiful veil and I am out of stock, submit a cumtom order!

All transactions are processed through Paypal or directly through Etsy. I do not accept other forms of payment over the internet. In person events and parties have other payment options available.