Maya Ravensong is an Artist working in many different mediums. From dance, to writing, to paintings on canvas, silk and on the body, Maya creates healing art for herself and others.

Maya's art is a mix of strange, beautiful, sometimes humorous or wyrd forms- all of which can bring healing. She paints mostly with her fingers, though she does use other tools as well. She sometimes uses a magnifying glass to get into such small detail that, to some, it would seem pointless- but her, is completely the point. Maya has published one book “BodyArt Therapy” and is currently working on a tome where she explains how to become one with the divine and heal through dance.

Maya attends different events throughout the year. You can find a list of those events here

What is Jagua?

Jagua is a temporary, blue black-ish form of skin decoration resulting from the application of an extract or pulp of the unripe fruit Genipa Americana. The fruit also has a lot of other common names, like Huito, Jenipapo, Caruto and of course, Jagua. Family: Rubiceae Genus: Genipa Species: Genipa Americana L pH 25° C 6.50 Genipa Americana L., is a tall, quick growing tree usually standing between 30 and 65 feet. It has white or yellow tubular flowers. It is the pulp within the fruit that the dye Jagua come from.

Jagua is not like other black temporary body art mediums that will “rub off” in a short time. It fades slowly like henna. Also, like henna, you will get a better stain if the product is left on longer than you will if it is left on for a short time. In addition, how long it lasts is partially dictated by how well you take care of it. It is as safe as any natural product can be.


Maya Uses only 100% natural Jagua.

Darker and faster stains can appear on thicker skin. It takes approximately 1 hour for the design to dry, thicker designs can take much, much longer. Sunless tanning products can block the stain entirely or make it lighter so be sure to let Maya know how long ago you used those products before you set the appointment.

Once a minimum of 2 hours (4 is way better) has elapsed and the design is dry, peel off the design and then wash the skin with cool/cold water. The design will appear to be a light grey/blue in color (sometimes it is not visible at all) that will darken as it oxidizes over the next 6-24 hours. If you do not wash the skin immediately after peeling off the jagua, the bit of the jagua that is still on the top layer of your skin WILL dye sheets, clothing or your face and anything else it contacts while you sleep.

There are some people out there that do not care what they put on your body as long as they make a profit. Maya only uses 100% natural jagua.


Embellishments are extra glitz and glitter added to the jagua pattern to really make it stand out. Embellishments really photograph well and are very inexpensive to add to your jagua design.

Maya uses only use safe, cosmetic grade powders and glitters to make embellishments. Using non cosmetic grade materials can lead to allergic reactions. Please be careful and not use non cosmetic grade glitters near the eyes as some can cause irritation and even blindness.

Colors for gilding paste include, silver, gold, pearl, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and amethyst. I have almost every color you can think of in cosmetic grade glitter and gemstones.

Gilding: $3.00 extra per design. Gems: $3.00 extra per 5 gems. Glitter is free.

Below you can see jagua with gilding power and glitter added. While these colors won't last, they do add a special something to the design.


All transactions are processed through Paypal or directly through Etsy. If you do not have a Paypal account, I highly recommend you get one. I do not accept other forms of payment over the internet. In person events and parties have other options available.