Maya Ravensong is an Artist working in many different mediums. From dance, to writing, to paintings on canvas, silk and on the body, Maya creates healing art for herself and others.

Maya's art is a mix of strange, beautiful, sometimes humorous or wyrd forms- all of which can bring healing. She paints mostly with her fingers, though she does use other tools as well. She sometimes uses a magnifying glass to get into such small detail that, to some, it would seem pointless- but her, is completely the point. Maya has published one book “BodyArt Therapy” and is currently working on a tome where she explains how to become one with the divine and heal through dance.

Maya attends different events throughout the year. You can find a list of those events here

What is Body Gilding?

Gilded Bodyart

gilding 1

If you cannot have henna for health reasons or if you simply prefer the look, there is an alternative. It is a body art cosmetic grade acrylic paste that lasts almost as long as henna, even longer on some areas of the body. It is beautiful, safe, and unique. These photographs were done with a wedding in mind. It is done in white pearl but you can choose from many colors or even several colors. Just like henna, embellishments are available and really make this bodyart medium sparkle.

The prices for gilded body art are the same as for henna body art and are priced by the pattern. You can also do a combination for beautiful effects.

gilding 2


There are some people out there that do not care what they put on your body as long as they make a profit. Maya uses only safe, cosmetic grade mediums. if have an allergy to something, please let her know before the bodyart is applied.

gilding 3

Adding strings of pearls and sequins to your bodyart can really make it WOW!

All transactions are processed through Paypal or directly through Etsy. If you do not have a Paypal account, I highly recommend you get one. I do not accept other forms of payment over the internet. In person events and parties have other options available.