Maya Ravensong is an Artist working in many different mediums. From dance, to writing, to paintings on canvas, silk and on the body, Maya creates healing art for herself and others.

Maya's art is a mix of strange, beautiful, sometimes humorous or wyrd forms- all of which can bring healing. She paints mostly with her fingers, though she does use other tools as well. She sometimes uses a magnifying glass to get into such small detail that, to some, it would seem pointless- but her, is completely the point. Maya has published one book “BodyArt Therapy” and is currently working on a tome where she explains how to become one with the divine and heal through dance.

Maya attends different events throughout the year. You can find a list of those events here

Temporary Body Art Services

All of my body art is temporary and the application is painless. In fact, it is very relaxing to have body art applied. It can make you feel special, give you time to just 'be' and give your body a needed break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Bodyart is a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions like:

Prom & Semi-formals- the design can really make you sparkle!


Baby Showers- pregnant belly blessing are special AND beautiful.

Pregnancy henna belly

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs- designs that have traditional elements can enhance the experience

Birthday Parties

Bridal showers, Bachelorette or Bachelor parties

Bridal Bodyart for that most special day!

emma bride

Charity Events, Corporate Events/Party, Educational Program, Fund raisers

Festivals, Club events, Black light parties (special UV paints used to embellish)

Festival henna Festival henna 2

Slumber Parties,Home Parties, Holidays, Ladies Nights, Private Appointments

Sangeet, Graduation,Vacations, Picnics, Customer Appreciation or just because it's awesome!

Please see the Temporary Body Art Rates section for my current pricing for appointments and parties

If you have questions you can email me or, if you are managing an event and are interested in having a body art artist participate, please contact me at


Appointments at UCHA

You can make an appointment to receive body art or body art therapy at Universal College of Healing Arts. Call 402-556-4456. There is not a booking fee nor is travel costs added on to your total cost. Make sure mention whether this is for Body art or if it is BodyArt Therapy.

Booking Fee

No matter which type of appointment (private or party) is desired, a non-refundable $40.00 booking fee is required to hold your date and will be applied to your (or if a party, the hosts) total cost. In other words the booking fee is taken off your total cost. Your booking is not confirmed until payment is received.

Single Bodyart Appointments

You can come to my location (no minimum, no travel costs, but booking fees apply) or I can travel to your location ($40.00 minimum, plus travel costs, and booking fee applies). Email me (at the address above) your contact information including name, phone, address and indicate which location option you would like. I will get in contact with you within 24 hours.

Check out the section on Temporary Body Art Rates for more detailed information.

Bodyart Parties

Hosting a body art party is so much fun! You can have as simple or as an elaborate party as you wish. Some people just tell their friends by phone when and where to be, inform them of the prices and let the party happen.

Others create beautiful invitations, cater food that is ethnic to the "theme" they want, wearing "costumes" and really do it up. Some others do something in between. It is all up to you. I will gladly apply body art to people in all of those settings-yes I do have costumes so I will fit in should you have a theme going on and want me to play along.-just let me know what the theme is and I will do my best to fit in.

Check out the section on Bodyart Parties for more detailed information.

Types of Bodyart

There are several "mediums" or types of body art that I work in. Please indicate when you make your booking, which type of body art you want. Information on each medium is located on the left side column. For Parties, you can have two types of body art without a surcharge. If you want more than two types of body art, then a $10.00 surcharge is added to your booking fee for every type after the first two booked.

For more information, check out my Types of Bodyart section

Bridal Henna and Bodyart

Bridal henna/ body art refers to body art or henna applied for the marriage ceremony. It usually denotes very intricate designs and thus the higher costs associated with "bridal henna". It does not denote a specific pattern or medium. You can have whatever pattern or medium you want for your ceremony. The price charged is dependent on the pattern, not why you are getting it.

Check out the section on Bridal BodyArt

Custom Designs

Bring in your design or speak with me about creating your special body art design. Custom designs are $5.00 - $15.00 depending on size and intricacy in addition to the cost of the body art applied.

If you are looking for my custom order link here it is: Custom Orders

Bodyart Therapy

BodyArt Therapy is a new concept that combines body art and massage. Look here BodyArt Therapy for more information.

All transactions are processed through Paypal or directly through Etsy. I do not accept other forms of payment over the internet. In person events and parties have other payment options available.