Maya Ravensong is an Artist working in many different mediums. From dance, to writing, to paintings on canvas, silk and on the body, Maya creates healing art for herself and others.

Maya's art is a mix of strange, beautiful, sometimes humorous or wyrd forms- all of which can bring healing. She paints mostly with her fingers, though she does use other tools as well. She sometimes uses a magnifying glass to get into such small detail that, to some, it would seem pointless- but her, is completely the point. Maya has published one book “BodyArt Therapy” and is currently working on a tome where she explains how to become one with the divine and heal through dance.

Maya attends different events throughout the year. You can find a list of those events here

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American Reality

Pictured above is "American Reality" 2006 - a parody of "American Gothic"- Pollution, prices, income-reality and ramifications. Original done in mixed media of oil pastels and conte crayon.


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Grandmother Elephant

Pictured above is "Grandmother Elephant" 2011 - a honoring of the feminine divine- Crone. Original done in acrylic. 20" wide x 16" tall.

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Pictured above is "Moonlight Emergence" 2009 - a honoring of the birth of flower faerys. Original done in acrylic. 8" wide x 10" tall.

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Im Melting

Pictured above is "I'm Melting" 2001 - A commentary on the destruction of the Earth through anthropomorphic climate change and the Wizard of Oz wicked witch of the west's death cry. Original done in acrylic. 20" wide x 16" tall.

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Pictured above is "Ready" 2008 - Male or Female? You decide. Ready when you are... Original done in acrylic. 16" wide x 20" tall.

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Spirits within

Pictured above is "Spirits Within" 2009 - There are spirits everywhere- rocks, trees, air, water..can you spot them all? Over 200 faerys reside here. Done in acrylic using a magnifying glass to paint tiny. 20" wide x 16" tall.

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The Wyld Hunting the Wicked

Pictured above is "The Wyld Hunting the Wicked" 2014 - The arrow marks the next one. 27" tall x 39" wide. Framed in silver.


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